Neal Boortz &
John Linder
The Fair Tax Book

Here's the first book on the radical new Fair Tax proposal that's catching fire in America's heartland.

Wouldn't you love to abolish the IRS, keep all the money in your paycheck, pay taxes on what you spend, not what you earn, and eliminate all the fraud, hassle, and waste of our current tax system?

Then you'll enjoy reading this book. In the face of the outlandish American tax burden, talk-radio firebrand Neal Boortz and Congressman John Linder are leading the charge to phase out our current, unfair system and enact the FairTax Plan replacing the federal income tax and withholding system with a simple 23 percent retail sales tax on new goods and services. This dramatic revision of the current system, which would eliminate the IRS, has already caught fire througout American , with more than 600,000 taxpayers signing on in support of it.

The Fair Tax Book: Saying Goodbye to the Income Tax and the IRS

As Boortz and Linder reveal in this first book on the Fair Tax, this radical but eminently sensible plan would end the annual national nightmare of filing income tax returns, while at the same time enlarging the federal tax base by collecting sales tax from every retail consumer in the country. The Fair Tax , they argue, would transform the fearsome bureaucracy of the IRS into a more transparent, accountable, and equitable tax collection system. Among other benefits, it will:

·Make America's tax code truly voluntary, without reducing revenue

·Replace today's indecipherable tax code with one simple sales tax

·Protect lower-income Americans by covering tax on basic necessities

·Eliminate billions of dollars in embedded taxes we don't even know we're paying

·Bring offshore corporate dollars back into the U.S. economy

This tax plan is endorsed by scores of leading economists and supported by a huge and growing grassroots movement, the Fair Tax Plan could revolutionize the way America pays for itself. In this straight-talking book, Neal Boortz and John Linder show you how it would work-and how you can help make it happen.

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